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Hi Team

I need a clear info on this please.In Get outlook mail messages activity I should read the body of the mail which will be in Table Format. Multiple rows(Depends on the inflow) and Two columns . First it should read the 1st row and 1st column and verify if the data is present in the application if it is present proceed with it if not 1st column 2nd column.

Challenge i faced reading the data in Tabular format in Mail body. Any assistance on this is greatly appreciated.


Hi Kamesh,

what is the mail message format. How the tabular format available in it. Can you provide some sample format here to get better idea on your requirement.

Hi @Kamesh Try converting your mail message to html then you can play around with ‘th’ and ‘td’ tags. or if your table is a html table then data can be extracted to a output data-table and then you can read column names and its corresponding values.

Table Format

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