How to extract outlook user defined fields?

Hi Everyone,

I have been given an email that contains a template which was designed specifically for this matter. This template contains a series of fields which have been created by another user. Does anyone have any idea how I could get to these fields?

I guess they have the same category as the subject, sender, body, etc. I need to know how I can access these.

For example: Mailmessage.subject.tostring will get the subject, I would need something like the following: Mailmessage.xxxx to get the collection of these user defined fields.

Many thanks in advance

Can you give an example how you create user-defined-fields? Are they in the content of the mail or in the header?

Hi Markus,

I do not create them, and that is my problem, to identify how this information is embedded in the mail.

I have tried headers, attachment and body and none of them worked. Do you have any idea how it could be included?


Can you see them in Outlook? Can you attach a screenshot or anything else?

I get to see something like that:

The programming behind is:

gl.Facultativo0 0
gl.Facultativo1 0
gl.Facultativo2 0
gl.Facultativo3 0
gl.Límite0 0
gl.Límite1 0

To understand if these are part of the mailMessage fields just like body and subject, read the mail message and when debugging see the value of the variable.

It will give you an idea how your email format is looking like when read by UiPath.
Then you can read your fields as required.



How do you see the value of the variable while debugging.

I have been using the step into function and I can’t get to see the property value as you do.


You can , just view the Locals tab, it will show you the variable and their values.
You can click on the view button on the extreme right of the entry it will pop-up the value. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you want more details.

Sorry to disturb you again but when doing that I’m just seeing Net.MailMessage as the value.

I had never use the debugging function before so could you guide me through on how to use it for this? I am reading the argument of the mail as Net.MailMessage and putting a breakpoint so I have time to see the value.

However I’m not being able to see more than the type not the value it has taken. This is a screenshot of what I’m seeing in the locals tab. The argument in question is the last one “Arg_correo”.

Thanks in advance!

Your list_mails if of below type?

That should show you all the details.

I have changed it to list of Net.MailMessages, but I can’t see the value yet.

My listMails variable is of below type:

and when i debug and step-into local value is:

This is everything I’m getting. I have the same type of variable than you

For some reason I’m not getting the debug view as you are.

Show me your packages list that you have installed.