Outlook.exe inbox error

Hi team,

As I am getting an output error like"open application 'outlook.exe inbox, path does not exist. Verify the path is correct, due to no input files suppose to send the mail, here mail is sending to dl but still I am getting an error, please advise on this.


@Gopala_Krishnan_A ,

I guess you are attaching some files too in mail (means an argument will be present in the attachment ) that argument may not have value or null
please recheck , if attachment is not needed remove the argument

Please debug the code and check whether the argument passed hold any value or not

Hello @Gopala_Krishnan_A - It looks like the bot does not find outlook.exe in the given path. Make sure you are giving the right path in your code

@Gopala_Krishnan_A ,

Is outlook is installed in your machine, to use sent outlook activity the outlook must be installed and configuered

Thanks for the update, I have gone through yes they have passed on argument

@Gopala_Krishnan_A ,

Did that resolved your issue?

No Muhamed the problem same, any suggestions please

@Gopala_Krishnan_A ,
If you are passing an argument then it should shouldnt be null,

You can do one thing,
Give a if condition, check whether the variable that is given as argument is empty or not…! If it is empty give a sent mail activity without passing argument
If variable has value then u can keep the same mail activity with the variable

To check the emptu condition you can use