Outlook activity kill process not working

  1. I am getting this error , please help.Kill process not working.


can you check the name of the outlook i think the name of the application is different

that why its throwing error


It’s case sensitive I believe
Try like this



Open up task manager
Once it’s open, right the application on the ‘applications’ tab and click ‘go to process’. The image name that is highlighted is the name of the process. In the ‘kill process’ activity within UiPath, you can input this name (stop at the .exe part, you only want the name not the extension) as a string and it will kill the process. Killing a process will never show a pop-up box, it will just kill the application

Cheers @Ritaman_Baral

Hi @Ritaman_Baral

Could you be try by giving like this

Hope it helps!!

Could you send the screenshot of error that you are getting @Ritaman_Baral

No worries

  1. Keep it as “OUTLOOK” itself
    No .exe

  2. Then enable ContinueOnError property as true in KILL PROCESS
    it will work

Reason is kill process works but not completely
Enabling that property would let u with next set of activities

Cheers @Ritaman_Baral

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