Kill outlook application


I’m trying to kill outlook in reframework but it does not work. In Task manager this app has a name of outlook.

Any idea how to kill it?


Hi @jeyekij306 ,

Are you using kill outlook as shown below


incorporate a toUpper within the switch Expression process.ProcessName.toUpper

and use later in all cases Uppercase Names e.g. CHROME

so you dont have to check about the detailed case sensitive names

What does “it does not work” mean? You have to give details, we can’t read minds. Are you getting an error? It runs but doesn’t close Outlook?

By the way, Kill Process will kill it for any user on the machine the job is running on. So if Mary and Bob are both logged into the server and have Outlook open, Kill Process will try to kill it for both Mary and Bob. It’s really not a good thing to use - you either get a permissions error or interrupt other automations - it’s better to just close apps locally.

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