Outlook 2010 Account Settings - Simulate click

Hi Experts

I am currently automating a process where I need to make a change to the Account Settings in Outlook 2010. However I am having some difficulties getting into the option when using “simulate click”.

I can click File, Information and the Account Settings button to open the submenu - but I cannot seem to make a click on Account Settings…


The selector looks as the following:

wnd app=‘outlook.exe’ cls=‘Net UI Tool Window’ />
wnd cls=‘NetUIHWND’ />

Again - everything works fine when just using the hardware clicks (point moving to buttons) but I would like to have the “Simulate click” enabled for all mouse clicks in order for it to work in the background.

Any ideas?

Can you “click image” activity ?

Hi @jacchr
You can use click text activity and then type the “Account Settings…”.

I ended up using SendWindowsMessage instead as it is also working in the background.

Thanks for your suggestions.