Can't get Simulate Click to work in background

I’ve been playing around with UiPath in order to see if I can get Simulate Click working on anything but the most basic bot, but I haven’t had any luck. It doesn’t run in the background and seems to be just as slow as the default option.

I can’t upload the file, but here’s a link to download it. (176.2 KB)


I believe, in the example given by you, Send Window Messages has been used; which is comparatively slower than Simulate click. I have tried the example with SImulate click. Kindly check whether it helps.

Also, while typing the path, Wordpad seems to be giving default value as ’ Document ’ . So in that case I have used ’ Send Window Message ', since Simulate Click is too fast for the window too change. It is not providing enough time for the path to be reflected in File Explorer.


Hi Preethe,

That’s helpful for the file entry part, but the bot is still running fully in the foreground instead of the background. My understanding is that this shouldn’t be the case with either Simulate Click or Send Windows Messages.