How to download a zip file from url and close the tab without using delay activity?

I am downloading zip file from url and then closing the tab. The problem I am facing is downloading taking little time and before the downloading, the file completes the process close tab closes the browser.

How to wait for the browser to complete the download and then close tab.
I don’t want to use Delay activity. Without delay how is it possible?

Have you tested the Wait for Download activity?

Detects a file download initiated from any application and waits for the download to complete before any processing of the file is performed in the automation.

I tried but was unable to do. Can you give an example of Wait fro Download activity please?

Sure. See the attached workflow. WaitForDownloadTest.xaml (8.2 KB)

Before running it, make sure that the download folder is the same as the default download folder for your Chrome browser. Also depending on how long it takes to download your file, you might need to change the Timeout property. Default is 300 seconds (5 minutes). This is the time the activity will wait before throwing an error.


Chrome setting:


Thank you for your reply. When I ran the workflow it is showing as missing activity and hence unable to go through the exact method. Can you please resend it.

The screenshot which you have submitted I am a little confused about which activity you used.

I want to download a zip folder that has multiple files. Can you please help me in using Wait for Downloads activity.

The activity is called Wait for Download (or Download File in older version of UiPath.System.Activities). It’s works for all kind of files (exe-files, zip-files, etc.).


Re-uploading the workflow won’t help if you are missing the activity. Go to Manage Packages and make sure that you have the package UiPath.System.Activities installed. If not, select it, click the Install button and then Save.

Thank you so much.
It was a issue with the packages. Now showing “wait for download activity”

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