Orchestrator User Permisions

After opening the orchestrator, i changed the role from an admin to robot. Now I am not able to create any new roles, robots, environments. I am not able to switch back to admin role too. The jobs, schedules, processes are inaccessible. What can I do to restore my previous settings?

@bhavyakeerthana.v - The initial user (super admin) created in the Orchestrator will have the ‘Administrator’ role and this cannot be changed to any other role. The user whom you have changed from admin to robot would have been created by the super admin user. You need to login with the super admin credentials or reach out to this super admin to change your role back to admin. Now, you will not be able to change it back to admin from robot.

@sreenivasm - I created an Orchestrator tenant. I found only a single role in Roles tab and the name was admin. So, can I know more about super admin and where exactly I can find it?

Hi @bhavyakeerthana.v,

You need to raise a ticket to get the super admin access as it would reside in the database server of your orchestrator linked to the db ,if you have access to that db server then search in the roles table you will find the super admin credentials
if that doesnt work then raise a ticket Uipath guys will help you

I hope this helps

@bhavyakeerthana.v - Are you using the community edition of Orchestrator (https://platform.uipath.com) or did you install Orchestrator locally?

@sreenivasm- I am using community edition.

I do not have access to db, so I will try rising ticket.