Orchestrator url for local

Hello, I’m connecting robot to local Orchestrator not cloud environment.
So, I’m getting error on Orchestrator URL.
Pls, let me know the difference of local Orchestrator URL.

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Hi @gregoryc_103
When connecting a Robot to an on-prem Orchestrator you just use the URL of orchestrator (e.g. https://host.domain.com.

It’s different for Cloud Orchestrator because on Cloud you use https://cloud.uipath.com//

May I know what error you are seeing when connecting your robot to your on-prem Orchestrator?

hi @gregoryc_103
Welcome to Uipath Community
Please forward us the screenshot of your error

Thank you for your help.
I solved this problem. My Orchestrator url is ‘local hostname’. ex)https://laptop-6hgmnb46/
Thank you~

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