Uipath Robot Orchestrator url: remote name could not be resolved


Robot is not able to connect to Orchestrator which is in other server.


Is the URL entered is correct one or not ? check once

Orchestrator portal is opening in Orchestrator server with this url


is the above URL working in your company network only ?

yes…IS this some networking DNS issue

It was found to be DNS issue resolved by networking team.


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Hi @Mohit_Sagar Could you please confirm us, what was the DNS issue? Because i am getting the same error.


Could you please check orchestrator URL properly once.

In my case my robot server didn’t had access to orchestrator URL.

@ASinha, Hey man.

Did you ever found a solution to the error you were getting? and what did you understand to have been a course for the error.

I am currently having a similar problem. Would really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

All of sudden I am getting same error so can you please elaborate the error solution?