I am unable to run neither schedule nor manual execution using Orchestrator

Execution is just halting, and there is nothing in logs


Could you please share robots page and need to check once

Hi @Shiv_Sahil_Guleri,

Please ensure the Robot status is “Available” before you start the Job.

The robot must be occupied with some other job. That’s the reason the current job is pending.

Hi @Shiv_Sahil_Guleri,

The job goes in pending state because while provisioning the robot you would have given only username, you have to give Domain\username.

You can get the domain information through command prompt

whoami or set user

If this part is done, then you can refer the above post.

Please refer the below post


It’s in available state.

here it is

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Check username is wrong. We have to enter domainname\username.

To check this open cmd prompt and type below command: whoami


it worked. thanks a ton :slight_smile:

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it worked like charm. Many thanks.