Orchestrator uipath

while login in to ACME1 System it’s reading incorrect password from Orchestrator Asset but user id read is correct.
Due to which execution stops .


What ever credentials you enetered in Orchestrator assets it will read the same. Could you please check back again.

What activity are you using to read credentials from Orchestartor Assets ?

Are you using Type Secure Text activity or not to type password ? If not then use the same and it will work for sure.

@lakshman i checked multiple times i also changed my asset.
also i am using type secure text.

Any other way to solve the issue .
If provided manually it works .
else it is entering some different password


First time i am hearing this kind of issue. We all are working with Assets and its working fine.

Strore credentials in Windows credential manager and from there read it using Get Secure Credential activity.

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