Orchestrator trigger set up

I have a trigger in Orchestrator but it’s current set to process items in the queue as and when they come in, is there a way to have it so that it processes items in the queue as and when they come in but only between certain time? for example if it has 100 items in the queue and is set to work those items between 3pm - 5pm and only completes 50 items the next day at 3pm-5pm it will work the remaining items in the queue.

any advice or approaches appreciated.

Hey @duaine.b

As of now for queue triggers we can only set the count as you mentioned only start processing if there are a minimum of 100 items.

But unfortunately we can’t preconfigure time.

Still we can do some workarounds like building a logic to check time at the start of the process and process of that satisfies or not to process of time is away from expected zone.


@Nithinkrishna thanks for this, just slightly confused. i did some reading into this and could i not use a cron expression to have the bot run between 3pm-5pm and get through as many cases as it can then just resume again the following day?

would a cron expression like this “0 0 0-6 ? * SUN,MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI,SAT *” mean it will be running monday to sunday 12 am - 6am?


For stopping you have another option while setting trigger…you can give the stop after time…after which the bot will stop processing the items even if there are more queue items left

Hope this helps.


Hey @duaine.b

It’s like one or the other, you can either use cron for setting time or you can use the minimum number of items using queue trigger.


Hi @duaine.b
Triggers are Two types;

  1. Queue based Trigger

  2. Time-based trigger

  3. Queue based Trigger is working based on the data if the data is null triggering will be stop, if data is present triggering goes on,

  4. time based trigger : it means you can set the timings by your choice,so as per your command triggering will be stopped once the time reached.

My suggestion is to select the queue based triggering it works with data not a time based, if the data is available triggering will happens continuously,