Orchestrator Total Month Schedule

Any one is having any idea to get all the robot’s schedule for the month or from to date range. Because I want to plan to run a robot. But it would not clash with other robot’s schedule. If i know the schedule for all robots. I can plan time to run my robot.

Thank you


Hi @loginerror , @ovi and @badita
Can you please take a look on this topic . And give me your feedback…


Hi @balupad14

It seems doable with an API call:

Hi @loginerror,
I need a total month schedule from the orchestrator all the robots. If it look like chart some like . It would be great. But do you can I achieve the solution which you have provided api ?


I suppose it is not yet available. One way to achieve it right now would be to fetch all schedules individually and then compile them in a nice view.

Another workaround would be to schedule jobs via Google Calendar, see here:

Some more discussion about the considered feature here: