Request about Robot

Hello all!!

I’ve been using your product for months. So I came up with the idea. It is the robot that sets the schedule and sends information to the Orchestrator. I am not the operator of the Orchestrator. So it is too cumbersome to schedule my robot. I always have to make a request for it when I make it. If you make this function, I will be able to reduce the time required to give.

Thank you.

Hi @Sohui_Kim: Would you please help me understand your idea. Please correct me if I am wrong. Having the robot to decide when it likes to be scheduled, makes it take control regardless of the other bots in your group/ organization.

If you think about it, I feel this defies the whole purpose of the orchestrator.
Orchestrator being the central console should be able to decide what process to run based on the availability and other parameters, would you agree with me?

Seems like it’s a conscious limitation your company adopted - developers don’t schedule robots.

Functionality is basically there (IIRC adding a schedule via API call is possible), but Robot user doesn’t have that permission by default and if your user doesn’t either, activity for it won’t change anything as you won’t be able to authenticate with a role that can do that anyway.