Schedules graphical representation




Would be really nice if we could have like a schedules calendar at host level, with tenant filters. It would be helpful knowing day and time frame when we can update Orchestrator or do some maintainence work and none or very few schedules jobs will be affected.
And at tenant level would be helpful to know where is an empty space so we can start a job with less risk to be in pending state.

Thank you.


Yes agreed. Maybe something in a dashboard in orchestrator where you could see all the robots, and what jobs they ran graphically from when to when. It would be good to see yesterday, and this day last week at least :slight_smile:


Nice. But what is a robot? You do not know in advance on which machine (or robot if you’re using environment jobs) a job will run.



We would really appreciate such kind of overview, we have some excel file with data and conditional formating to graphically display schedules, as there are more and more processes and we need to make sure, that we have available capacities. I can imagine, that it is difficult, as there are many variables to consider.

Robot can be taken from schedule, there are three possibilities:

  • all robots => all available robots at current time will be taken in planning
  • specific robot => only one is taken
  • number of robots => I guess that there is algoritm determining robots when schedule come due, the same can be applied in planning tool. Problem would be if available robots would not be enough to cover schedulled demand, but basically, this kind of schedule can be with different colour to indicate it.

When we are speaking about planning, schedule contains when process starts, source is robot, end is difficult to stipulate. Can be taken as mean from previously executed jobs for this schedule, or new field in schedullng for expected run time?

Very much would appreciated such planning tool.