Orchestrator - Time gap when retrying the same item when auto-retry is on

Auto-retry functionality of Orchestrator works only for System Errors, and not for BusinessRuleException.

I set my Orchestrator Queue with Auto-retry on and whenever I have not much items inside the queue, e.g. 2 new items and each item only takes 30 seconds to finish a process. Lets say, both items are encountered with System Error, what can happen is that the first item will be retried after less than 30 seconds.

What I want is to have a time gap lets say 3 minutes before the same item will be retried automatically by the bot. Any ideas how can this happen?

Currently there is no such settings/mechanism available in Orchestrator.
Usually the orchestrator pushes the re-try items when the bot is available to process the queue items.

Karthik Byggari

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