Orchestrator jobs retry

Can orchestrator re-trigger or retry job if if gets into faulted state for scheduled time?

I’d scheduled job at 6 am daily, and one day job goes into faulted state due to licensing issue or outlook issue (anything), can orchestrator retry/re-trigger the job automatically after 5 mins?

Vinod Swain

Hi, I don’t think there is such a feature available in orchestrator.
If you are using queues to handle data, they have retry options or better way is you can handle the exception and use start job activity or API request to orchestrator to retry the job again.

Thanks for reply.

Bot most of times, these are not due to exceptions in code. Due to some infra related issue also job goes into faulted state, at that time it would be great if orchestrator able to retry the job after say 5 mins.

Let know if there can be possible soltuion or better if UiPath team able to provide the feature.


Hi @Vinod_Swain,

Currently there is only option to automatically retry a queue item not the whole job (unfortunately)

Depending on the database version you have running under your orchestrator, you can create a trigger in the database which will pickup a faulty job and a reason and handle that by scheduling a new job (you’d have control over execution time)

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Thanks @Filip_C, seems like possible solution.

Let know if you’d developed same and can share the sample code.

Vinod Swain


Actually I haven’t but maybe someone in the forum has (??)

In the evening CET I’ll try to develop the feature and will share the outcome :slight_smile:

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In the catch block add delay of 5 min and trigger the job using Start Job activity.
So the bot trigger the job if any exception occurs.

Smart. But that wouldn’t be very elegant as in it wouldn’t be as dynamic as should be.

But I guess regarding simplicity, there’s no better solution as of now.