Orchestrator Tenant Not Showing Packges

Hi I have a issue being reported that 2 users with identical access on the orchestrator are having different experiences. 1 user is able to see the packages that are uploaded into the orchestrator on the tenant package page for libraries via the Manage Packages dialog page and Orchestrator Tenant is selected. The second user can see the packages defined in the library when logged into the web GUI for orchestrator but are not able to see them when in the studio (Manage Packages → Orchestrator Tenant). Anyone have any ideas?!

this view from orchestrator is the same but not for studio - forgot to mention that.

Hi @neil.kalmes,

Your starting point with roles would be to check both users have the same role and same permissions (tenant and folder level permissions) within those roles.

I suspect that one of the users inherits roles from a group you created and other one might have slipped this and directly assigned to a folder without tenant level access to certain permissions.

thanks we’ve checked both user’s access is identical.