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I am not able to see the Library that I have published in Orchestrator when I begin a new project in Studio. My Orchestrator connection is working. Not sure what I am missing here.


Hi @Josh_James are you creating the project with windows? if you have created the project in windows and the library is windows-legacy then it will not work. You have to upgrade your library or you have to build the project by windows-legacy. Then it will work

Ooooh right!! Thank you, I’ll give that a shot!

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Hi again @Tapan_Behera1 ,

Would you happen to know why this activity would be fine in windows-legacy, but when converted to windows, I get this error?


Disregard that question. I found the answer in another forum. I had to change my expression to this:

new Object(){strStatus, isInitialCommunicationSent, strDebtNumber,isBankruptcy}

Also thank you! The conversion to Windows worked! I can now see the package in my Orchestrator Tenant feed from Studio.

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