There is any way to associate packages with folders in Orchestrator?

in our Orchestrator we use different folders for different teams but I’ve noticed that in Management-> Packages the users can see all the uploaded packages no matter what is their folder assignment. This list can get quite large and very hard to manage, it will be a lot simpler to have the packages associated with folders. Does anyone know if this is possible?
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Hi @ViorelS,
Actually it’s a default design. You have all packages visible at tenant level:

And then under each folder you are deploying Automations based on selected packages so each folder will have these processes which were added to it:

Hi @Pablito,
I’ve noticed that the processes are filtered by the folder selection. I was hopping that there is a way to do the same for packages (since processes are created from packages).
From your reply it seems that at this moment this is not possible. Maybe it will be a nice to have feature in the future: if there are users wich are only assigned to a particular folder to only see the packages uploaded on the respective folder.
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This is could make additional confusion. Maybe try to look at it from other perspective.

Treat Orchestrator Tenant as a folder. You are throwing all your projects to this folder. Now you want specific groups of users see only these project which they need to. So you are creating subfolders for them and pasting to them only shorcuts of projects from root folder.

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Maybe I am missing something here but this is how I’ve expected to be:
If you have 10 different teams using the same Orchestrator you can create 10 different modern folders and assign users to them. Each team can have their own folder(s) and see the processes, jobs and logs associated with the folder(s). But maybe “team x” don’t want “team y” to have access to their packages (you can use library for that) or simply there are too many packages uploaded on the same spot which is harder to fallow (think naming conventions and having to scroll to hundredths of packages).
I believe it would have been a lot cleaner to have the possibility to filter the packages also on the folder structure.

But it’s exactly like you said. All packages can be seen only from tenant button view. And there only administrator should have access. For users you can define separate roles and right accordingly for each folder so they will be allowed to see only their Automations (packages). Only person who have right to deploy processes from packages can see them all.

You can go to tenant Role settings to check how many settings there are.

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Thank you for confirmation. In our environment the packages are visible to all the users, no matter their folder assignment. I will instruct our engineers who set up the system to check these settings.

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The new Orchestrator 2020.10.1 allows dedicated package feed for modern folders (but not for the subfolders):

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