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Can anyone please explain me how to publish project in Orchestrator? How to setup connection between developer studio and server?

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You can go through this thread
Connecting UIPath Robot and Orchestrator


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When I was trying to click on the link, then I am getting the message like “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”.

Please send the details instead of sending the like.

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You are not able to see that because you are not have rights to access that category question and replies.

Do you have a licensed version of uipath ? and orchestrator server?


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Please find the steps for Orchestrator setup with Ui Path.
Note: Its recommended to use a licence version of Ui Path because it sometimes causes problem while clicking on the Ui Path Robot Setup/Settings button from the System Tray Icon.

So here are the steps:

  1. Check for the Tray Icon in the right side pane of your windows machine and right click on the Ui Path Tray icon then click on Advanced Logo (small drop down) and inside that click on Settings.
  2. In the settings Popup, you will find the Robot Key, Machine name.
  3. Open Orchestrator and navigate to Robots Menu. Click on Add Provision Robot.
  4. Copy and paste the Robot Key from your local machine’s setting popup and paste it in the field of Machine Key or vice versa paste the key in your machine’s popup window.
  5. Add Machine Key and give Type of Developer Machine and click on Save.
  6. In Orchestrator, Navigate to Username dropdown in the right hand side corner and click on Settings.
  7. Copy the configuration URL and paste it in the Settings popup Configuration URL field and click on Save. It will validate and Add your robot to the orchestrator.
  8. Create one Environment by navigating to Deploy->Environments tab in Orchestrator.
  9. Click on create Environment and Fill the details and click on save.
  10. Check the name you have given to your newly created environment and click on Manage RObots button just next to it.
  11. Just check for your newly added machine name and check the checkbox and close the popup. Now your Environment has been created and tagged to your machine.
  12. Now you are ready to Click on Publish button from your Ui Path studio and check for the processes tab in orchestrator. You will find the Project name here with version info.
  13. After you publish from Ui Path studio come and check in processes tab and after that check for Deploy->Releases tab. If update button is enabled then click on update so that it will update with the latest build.
  14. You can add assets if you need to store some credentials for your project.

So in this way you can add your robot to orchestrator and after that you can publish.

Hope it helpes. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi @ask_565

Here are the following steps you have to follow to provision and to link your robot to Orchestrator Server( In You case for Demo its URl will be http://demo.uipath.com).

  1. Very first thing you have to keep in mind is first you have to Publish your workflow.You can publish it via Uipath studio Setup Tab.

  2. After publishing a workflow you will be able to find it in UIRobot Available tab.

  3. After Starting Uipath Studio You will able to see a UiRobot is running in a system tray.

  4. Right Click on that UiRobot icon in a system tray.You will get a following interface.

  5. After this you have to click on that setting icon.You will get following interface.

  6. click on setting option. You will get following interface after this.

  7. you will get such options.
    Machine Name - It will be automatically pop up.
    Robot Key - Find below i am explaining how to get it.
    Orchestrator Url - For demo u can enter "http://demo.uipath,com

For this you have to visit orchestrator server url for demo visit following URl “http://demo.uipath.com
You will get following interface after creating your credentials.

Click on Robots tab on the left side.
After that click on Provision Robot button.
you will get following popup.

copy that key and past in your local UIRobot setting Robot key section and similar way Machine name too.
In the next Name field You can type your robot name what you wants to give it.
then after your system credentials. and after that select type for Demo you can choose DevTest and to run robot even in Logoff mode you can select Backoffice.
Description could be anything.
after that click on Provision button.
Please follow following steps:
Provision Robot
Create Environment
Manage Robots
Add Queue
Add Asset (Global/per robot)
Publish Process from UiStudio
Create Release
Start Job/Add Schedule

Things should be keep in mind -
-If everytime you have added some code in your project please publish it so Orchestra tor will know that your code has been updated. So go to orchestrator process tab and search your published project and update it’s version.

  • For Best Practices use assest to store useful information.
    Rest Things do according to your needs :slight_smile:

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Hello I do not see the Tray Icon in the right side pane of my windows machine.

Please guide

Hi @aksh1yadav @jibanjyoti
In setting section Deployment menu Deployment URL : what i need to give there ?

I have created the my new robot after that how can i able to make the Status As “Available”
Can you please help me !!
below screenshot settings are not available for me :

my UiPath version 2018.1.3 [Community Edition]
– In this it is Possible to do [Robot Active]?
– Schedule ?
– Job ?
– process ?

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Hi RaviDevaraj ,

Good Evening !! Hope you are doing well .

I want to know why key is required for robot . What is use of key . ?

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Robot Key uniquely identifies your robot or you can say the Machine from which it is connected

I’m not sure if I am doing it correctly, but I am not finding the key to enter.
Can someone please advise?

@Aziza101 Go to Machine tab you will find it


Thank you! I found it!
My robot still does not connect to Orchestrator though.
I am unsure if it is due to the firewall. Can that be a reason?

I don’t think it would be because of firewall. What error can you see?

This is the error given when I click connect.

Can anyone please help me to connect to the Orchestrator. I am using UiPath Community Version. I followed the steps mentioned in the training, But I was not able to establish the connection. When I did the configuration in UiPath Robot, the status was showing as ‘Unlicensed’. In Orchestrator the Created robot showing as disconnected.

Please find the attached images for the reference. Thanks in advance.