Orchestrator Role to launch Job

Hi Everyone!
I have a quick doubt:

I’m creating a specific User in my Ochestrator allowed just to launch jobs, as you can see here:

(just Jobs role selected).

The User, though, is not able to launch jobs since the start “play” button in jobs is not enabled:

Question: I suppose this is a matter of enable the correct role to the user. Does anyone know which role allows you to start jobs?

Thanks a lot!

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That would be fine actually
Kindly check whether right role is been changed with and that role must be assigned to that user as well
And log out and login again
Cheers @Francesca_Piras

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Hi Palaniyappan,

That role is already assigned to the user. I already logged in and out, unfortunately, put I still see the situation as before!

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I got it
I tried to simulate the same in my orchestrator
Enable these as well along with jobs in roles

Cheers @Francesca_Piras

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It works, however its still not visible any of the processes we created! :frowning: Do you know maybe if ithere are some grants or folder requirements to be satisfied?

(here you can see the process we need to launch with that user)

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Only process published in that tenant or host will be seen
Were they published in this tenant login
Cheers @Francesca_Piras