Orchestrator user role and rights

I need to grant access to team member just to Run the job. I have created Role with their Team name. And granted the role access under Folder Permission to Jobs. (View, Edit, Create, Delete)

But Team member are not able to see Run Button Under Jobs Tab active. It stays inactive even after giving them all Jobs permissions.

Has anyone done this kind of activity in their work place. How to restrict and give only limited access to Team members who just want to execute their job using Orchestrator.

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HI @
can you show the screen shot of given permission
i hope it was missing some permission of it
and also you have to give “view” for folders also

Sorry, should have done this before in main post.

They will likely need at least View on everything about the process they need to run, like environments, processes… please give it a test.

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Hi @bcorrea Thank you very much for your help. It has worked. I figured it out that after playing around. Following are the rights we should give if we want other users just to execute the job

I hope it helps user on the forum. Kind regards


hi @Rubot
sorry for the delay ,
i hope you find out the answer :smiley:

in addition , give your users to view access for Monitoring also that they can visible the dash board :blush:

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