Orchestrator Queue - "unique reference" is enforced

This is a suggestion about the process of adding a new set of data using “Bulk add item” into Orchestrator Queue with Unique reference enforced.

We should have an error warning that if a reference has already been used (ex. reference 1) and we are trying to add a new item with a reference of 1.

As of now, no error or any kind of message shows up and user is left to figure out why the new transaction items were not uploaded.

Any thoughts/suggestions on this would be great. Thanks!

Hello @Bennyhana ,

While creating the queue did you enabled the Unique reference as “Yes”?

Yes I did enable it. I figured out that it was causing the the problem but it would be great if there was some sort of warning that some transactions were not uploaded due to the unique reference.


Hi @Bennyhana,

If you want to receive a warning message, mark this field as false.



The holistic approach here would be to use an attribute that actually is unique across all relevant systems. With that being easier said than done, you can create a new queue and configure it so it does not require unique IDs.

Another option is to loop through the previous reference IDs as new items are added - if an equal reference is found then bounce that item back with a suitable error message.

Without knowing the reason why the issue with unique IDs appear it is hard to come up with a tangible solution.

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