Orchestrator queue issue in Generate yearly report project

Hi All,

I’m able to execute the dispatcher without any errors however queue is not getting updated. What would be the issue?

Hi @Shah

It looks like all the records in the queue are in other statuses than the new status. In your performer workflow, you use the get transaction item activity. This will always get only the queue items with the status new in it. If there are no items with new status it will give out the error that you are getting


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

As per the walkthrough, we first need to upload work items to the queue in orchestrator. However the queue is not getting updated. What could be the issue?

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Yes. First we need go update the queue with items. For that we got to use add queue item activity. Have you used it properly?


@Lahiru.Fernando ,

Yes. I did it without any validation and execution errors. But during the execution, it is not navigating to the next pages of the ACME site. Could you please check my process Process.xaml (15.3 KB) file once?

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando I found your answer. You want to downgrade your Uipath.System.Activities package to version 20.4.0, not the latest version. It should work when you do this, provided your workflow is correct. Let me know :slight_smile: