Orchestrator output

What I would like to accomplish is for one Queue; get the completed queue items with their respective output data, then load the output data in excel

Is there a step by step guide to accomplish this?

This is my first contact with api.

I’ve already found the swagger ui but can not use it to my advantage or implement it in excel

Best regards.

Hey @matthias.sevenant,

Why are you using API and not “Get Queue Items” activity? You can change in properties what status you want, New, InProgress, Faulted, etc.

Then do Write Range activity to write to excel.

Hey @Kemal ,

Your suggestion let’s me get the specific data on the left hand side but not the output on the right hand.

So my end game is to have an excel that get’s that right hand side data from orchestrator.

If you take a csv from the queue the output data is not included also