Export Orchestrator Queues to Excel with Status

Hello! Is there any way you can export the Orchestrator queues with their status (“Successful, Failed, etc.”) inside an Excel file with a dedicated column for transaction status and if they are failed to have a separate column for “Business Exception” or “Application Exeption”?

Also, can anyone tell me how I can export more than 100 queues inside that Excel file?

Thank you!

Hi @RobertRoland

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You can export all queue items belonging to single queue in excel.

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Thank you for your response. I know there is a download button, but I want the robot to do that without going to the website.

Hi RobertRoland,
did you find a solution for your poblem? I want my robot to download/report transactions monthly and I need the same things you do.

Hi @mm1904

You can do this like this

Like whenever you are processing your workflow, at the same time u can write transaction status as successful in the excel file , if failed as failed etc corresponding to the transaction

May I know if u are using reframework ?

Nived N :robot:

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thanks for your answer!
In our old framework (without orchestrator), we append our excel after every transaction, I thought, this won’t be necessary any more.
We are looking forward to use the orchestrator in a few weeks. But we won’t use the reframework. As we can see, it can’t take care of our different priorities in our workflows, so we will create another framework, which sorts all queues by our priorities every time before starting a single transaction.
Can the reframework help to append the excel file?


did you exported the items in excel? @mm1904

Hi @RJ_Kadari,
I used this description: TUTORIAL: Connect Power Query (Power BI) to Orchestrator API
With that way, I got all Jobs, TransactionItems and more in excel. I’m trying to automate the monthly dowload/update of the data and to send my needed reports, but I didn’t finish with that. Maybe I should use the Orchestrator http request.


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i could able to get all queue items using activity in uipath i.e. Orch http request , passing endpoint “odata/QueueItems?$filter=QueueDefinitionId eq 1234”.
But i could not able to perform additional filters like Status/Reference etc.

Is there any issue ? @badita

Hi @RJ_Kadari,
how did you do it with the Orchestrator http request? I don’t have any experience with that and I didn’t find any examples. So I don’t know how to start and how to work with it. Can you upload your xaml or an example, how you used it?
When You get all queue items, in which format will they be given to you? It is not an excel file, isn’t it?
Thank You!

I used the examples and links in that topic: Which filter options do I have with Get Jobs activity?
With this examples I was able to create my filters for get jobs-activity. And I think, the filters will be similar on http request.
And in the Uipath doccuments about the http request there are examples, too: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/orchestrator-http-request


yes , your right. Output will be json format but it doesnt have any limited count like get queue items.

Thanks for the image. It is just one http request activity? Or do you have to do some other steps to prepare the robot for the http request? And how can I transfer that json-informations into a datatable?
I want to do some filters on that datatable and then save it as an xslx or csv with ‘write range’.
Thanks for Your help!!