Getting queue data into excel

Hello everyone

I want to get all the queue data exported into the excel

And also how to update the output data of the queue

Please help me with the two queries.


You can click on export to export all from orchestrator…

If tou meed in studio…use get queue items activity…then run a loop…item.specificContent(“name”).tostring will give data …use datatable and add data there and after loop add to excel

To set output…that can be done using set tranaction status activity which has an option to provide output parameters


Hi @Anil_G

Thanks for the reply

Can you please explain in detail how to provide parameters in set transaction status


In the properties of set transaction status…you would have a output property…just click on 3 dots beside it…and then click create argument and then gice the name on the left and the value on the right…it would be added as output values to the queue


Thank you so much

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