Orchestrator Mobile in an an organisation's restricted network


We have strict restrictions and firewall settings in our company network where the orchestrator is going to be installed. If the mobile orchestrator has to be working, we need to keep public ip access open. This will be a vulnerability in the company network.
Mobile orchestrator is very helpful. We would like to have it with our to be installed production orchestrator. How is this achieved? Is this already handled somehow with Azure apps or somthing? @loginerror

That is entirely related to your company network, if you want to install it in the office premises, then the application should be secured and if you want to use the same site from mobile, that is your IT department thing :slight_smile:. Don’t think it is impossible, actually, as the offices are now providing access to office 365 logins for the outlook app for those employees who registered their mobile number in their network or we may have some WiFi configurations which will give you the network access only for the mobiles whose IP is configured in their systems. That is the case as of now I know.

But coming to orchestrator using in the mobile, you need to be in the same network atleast to overcome the security breach.


Hello guys

How about connecting the mobile to a VPN so that it gets secure access to the internal network. Through that they can connect to the orchestrator correct?


Yeah we have that option too @Lahiru.Fernando, I thought of that one too, but the concern from my side is, whatever the device we connect to the office network, IT team can use that IP (which will change ofcourse when we connect and disconnect to another networks) and trace the device or they can use the personal Info we have in our mobiles (I’m just thinking of both positives and negatives :smiley:). if it is trust worthy, then we can implement this as well.


Nice… I was also thinking about the same thing couple of minutes ago… :grinning:

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@loginerror Any comments on this from official uipath guys? Any previous implementation examples?

Hi @rahulraj987

Actually, Orchestrator Mobile for restricted networks will only work if your device is connected to the same network. I think it is a security measure.

Is your requirement to also access your restricted network Orchestrator from other networks?


Yea. I was checking for the possibilities for that.

Then I believe that currently your only option is to use a VPN (as mentioned earlier) for that purpose.


Hi All,
I’m facing similar issue, i am using a VPN, however when i open the safari browser and enter the url, i can login to the orchestrator on mobile.

However when i key in the same URL to Orchestrator mobile app then i receive a message as below:

Appreciate your reply.


@loginerror @Greg_Guidone any recommendation or settings ?
Appreciate your reply please.

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