Orchestrator Manager - Folder Packages

Hi, just wanted to confirm that the latest version (v2.2.2) of the Orchestrator Manager does not support the downloading / getting referenced entities of bot packages that are published to folder feeds. Based on my testing, these actions only work with packages uploaded to the tenant feed.

Any plans to add support for this?


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Pls check with that component feature added in each release

I could see that it can configured in lower version itself

Cheers @yikwen.goo

Specifically which version are you referring to? The only thing I see is 2.1.5 that says Get Package works with Folder Packages. I’m asking about Download Package and Get Referenced Entities.


Yes, only the GET operation is currently supported for Folder Packages. The operations you mentioned are in our backlog but these features might not be released in the near future.

Ok thank you. Guess I’ll figure it out on my own.

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