How to download package from Orchestrator v2022.4

In previous versions of UiPath Orchestrator, one could go to the packages page and download the version installed. However, now the menu option in those old help pages to download doesn’t even exist. Is there a new way to download the package or is that gone now?

(Please don’t tell me to use a code repository. We do that already. We’re trying to recover some code that someone published but didn’t add to our repository. Thanks!)

@BlakeSmith there are two ways in packages, goto version and click on 3 dots.
packages–>change log–>then download

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I was going to say a Artifact Repository :smiley: Joking aside, I just wanted to also mention that the package may not include the source XAMLs depending on how it was packaged.

The Download button is enabled only if you use a local feed, and you have View permissions on Packages.

On top of the information @raja.arslankhan provided you can also use the API

Get a list of Processes - /odata/Processes
Get a list of Versions for a given Process - /odata/Processes/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.GetProcessVersions(processId='{processId}')
Download a specific Package Version of a Process - /odata/Processes/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.DownloadPackage(key='{key}')

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I agree - that’s where I saw the option before. Now I see this menu which does not include download. Sub-menu, like “explore package” also didn’t show a download option.

This looks promising.
I’d be okay with the download button being inoperable without proper permissions but it’s just not there at all currently. I’ll investigate the API approach at my earliest convenience.

For the moment, this issue is no longer urgent as someone got the work done but when they get back to the office we’ll discuss GIT. :slight_smile:

Go to Packages, then click the three dots to the right of the one you want, and select View Versions. From the versions window you can download…


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