Orchestrator Manager - First time using it and issues straight away


I have been trying to run the the Orchestrator Manager tool in a Win 10 Virtual machine that is running on my local computer, to evaluate if the tools is something that can help us migrate to modern folders.

I have downloaded the relevant files for manager and I am running it in the latest community version of the studio. I also have set up a community version of orchestrator in the cloud. So I am not running this onprem.

And the issue is that whatever operations I use (get, get credential, get asset) etc. I get an error message saying:

“There was an execution error.
Please check logs for more details”.

When checking the logs Execution.log I can see messages saying:

“HTTP Request failed due to invalid response. \nPlease confirm the specified Orchestrator URL and version.”


“Invoke AssetManager Workflow: HTTP Request failed due to invalid response. \nPlease confirm the specified Orchestrator URL and version.”

Does anyone have any idea what it could be? From the logs it’s seems like it cannot connect to the cloud orchestrator? I have given all the users in my cloud the administrations role just to test in case it was a access issue.


Orchestrator Manager is a package developed by third party
I suggest to raise this concern in Marketplace to the vendor, so that they might be give you proper resolution

Hope this may help you


Worth mentioning is that I have the same issue with the Studio installed locally on my machine.

I have submitted the logs from the intial run.

Logs.zip (1.8 KB)

Nevermind, I sloved it. For some reason it was unable to find the tenant when it is called DefaultTenant. I changed it to another name and it works great now. Such a simple stupid thing :rofl:

Thank you for reaching out.

  1. we will try to reproduce and see what happened, because the “Default” scenario should indeed work out of the box.
  2. this tool is developed and maintained by a UiPath RPA Developer, so it can hardly be described as “3rd party”. We chose to release it as a marketplace listing in order to have more agility and opportunities to react to feedback. But please rest assured that we are dedicated to making it a tool that Orchestrator admins around the world may rely on.
  3. the forum is the perfect place to do troubleshooting, as we can have entire threads dedicated to each issue report. This post is a poster child example of doing it right, since it even uses the ORCHESTRATOR-MANAGER tag that we created specifically for this purpose.

Long story short: thank you again, and please keep the feedback coming!