Orchestrator login issues

Hi all,

I am facing log in issues into the orchestrator.
When I created my first tenant, and tried to log in the day after or later after automatic log out, i couldn’t log in any more using the same credentials!

I receive the following notification: Log%20in%20issue%20-%20invalid%20username|340x500

  1. When trying to reset my password it mentions that the there is no account linked to that email adress.
  2. When I create a new tenant however, I can’t use the same tenant name as the one before, as it mentions that this one is already taken.

I have created already 20 tenants in order to proceeed with my trainings, but this is really too much for me right now.

Please provide me help if possible, because I can’t continue like this.

Thanks and best regards,

Same issue for me.

(Guessing you are asking about Community orchestrator)Take in count to change Tenant, because is set “Default” by default. If you do not remember your username, “admin” works.

I remember my username and password. Yesterday I created account. But when I try to login today with correct username and password, still I got error.
Every time same thing happen with community version.

And are you using the tenant you created?, because as I said, Tenant is set “Default” by default and you must change it by the one you created. (Tenant name could be different than username)


Yes , I am trying same but still got error.

hi i am facing issue with orchestrator login with url platform.uipath.com
is there any alternate link for login?