Orchestrator Loading Issue

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We are using On-Premise Orchestrator. We encountered a new issue today. While loading the orchestrator URL in chrome. The login page appears, then I entered the Credentials. After that, an error webpage is shown. Though the orchestrator fails to load, still the bot is working fine.

I am attaching the error message here.


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Hi @john.mari
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Error code #199 seems to be related to SSL Certificate being corrupted. In some cases, fixing that has helped others facing the same issue. Some other posts on forums:

  1. Orchestrator Installation Error 199
  2. Error orchestrator after instalation Sorry! An error occurred and the page will reload (#199)

Given that this is an on-prem installation, I would recommend you raise this directly with Uipath Technical Support using the link below. They will directly schedule a session with you and resolve your specific issue right away.


Could you please clear the cache(Browser) and try to login again!


is the issue resolved ? if yes, let us know

I tried that, still facing issue.

I contacted the Technical support team. I will update once the issue is resolved.

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