An error occurred and the page will reload (#199)

While trying to perform any operation in UiPath Orchestrator, getting an error: 'Sorry! An error occurred and the page will reload (#199)'

There could be multiple reasons behind this error. To know about the exact situation, we need to have a look at the Event viewer logs in the Orchestrator server.

How To :

  • Go to Start > Run > eventvwr.
  • Right-click Windows Logs -> Application

Scenario Specific :
Scenario 1: After a new installation, fail to launch the login page of Orchestrator.
Error message: 'Sorry! An error occurred and the page will reload (#199)"
From the event log, it shows “System.Data.Entity.Core.EntityException: The underlying provider failed on Open. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Login failed for user 'xxx\yyyy'.”

Resolution: As per the exception message, the handshake between the Orchestrator & the SQL Server couldn't happen.

Click here to configure SQL server windows authentication & SQL server authentication.


  1. IIS > Application Pools > Advanced Settings and change it to your windows account used for database connection and orchestrator account as well.

  1. Change the app pool account user to the one with which we have logged in.

Scenario 2: When trying to perform an operation like scheduling job, getting the stated error.

Resolution: Based on the event viewer logs, the database disk size was full, hence after clearing the disk, the issue is resolved.

Scenario 3: Due to SSL Certificate being corrupted the issue is happening.

Resolution: After changing the correct Certificate, the issue is resolved.
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