Error orchestrator after instalation Sorry! An error occurred and the page will reload (#199)



after instalation of orchestrator i launch the site and this message is thrown

anyone knows the posible solution?


Try to use Google Chrome instead IE, in my case it helps me.


i use both


Thanks for your suggestion, this helps me as well.
I have same error in IE.


my case was error in the SSL certificate corrupted


Hey friend, how did you fixed the SSL Certificate? I’m facing the same error with not solution.


i have a problem with the properly instalation of the ssl, i use the tool provide for the ssl vendor and the problem was solved


can you solve the problem?


I used the self-signed certificate and it worked.


you installed the certicate in all vaults ?


I believe I did.


Is there any solution for this problem?


Hi @Islambadry

Could you try contacting our technical support?

Other than that, some clues below :slight_smile:
Please make sure the configuration is exactly the same as shown here:

Also, please make sure that navigating to http://localhost/ brings you to the default page of the ISS.

At last, one user found out that the problem was the ApplicationPoolUser which did not have access to the database. You can check for that too :slight_smile:


chech the event log there is the exact problem