Orchestrator license key to change from tenant = default to tenant = host

hi people from the forum community :slight_smile:

good day to all of you,i want to ask regarding the license key.

i already put my license key at the orchestrator


Question is i want to change the license from default to host tenant.
can i just remove the license from the tenant = default and use the SAME license to tenant = host by removing the license at the tenant = default?


tenant = default

tenant = host

is there any impact when i remove the license from the tenant = default?
can it be reuse back at the tenant = host since the license valid until sept 21’?

i havent click yes yet since im afraid the license cannot be use to other tenant.please advise regarding this.

i need you guys expertise.

your help will be much appreciated from my side. thank you very much.

Refer this to manage Tanants —> Managing Tenants