Orchestrator Job Stuck in Pending Status After Update from 21.4.4 to 21.10.3

I am currently using the Community license to run a couple unattended processes. The unattended processes were working correctly until this new update was installed.

The two unattended job process were set to run based on triggers. During the upgrade I forgot to stop the triggers for these two processes. They now seem to be stuck in Pending status without the option to kill the processes.

I only run processes on one computer. I’m fairly certain the jobs are stuck as the update flipped the Machine from Standard to Template. I think template is used now for the cloud services? When the updated installed for 21.10.3 the Standard machine is showing as noncompliant and looks to be stuck on version 21.4.4. A new machine with a different name(I think now showing the URL instead of my machine name) appeared with the Template machine. I think the Template machine is trying to run the unattended processes, but doesn’t have a license allocated to do so. When I try to allocate a license the Standard machine still shows as using it. When I try to remove the Standard Machine I get an error message stating it can not be deleted because a robot has been assigned to this Standard machine. When I go to the robot I try to delete the processes in the process list, but then get a message saying the processes cannot be deleted because this robot has running or pending jobs. I click on the Automations Tab then Jobs thinking I would see the two pending jobs trying to run, but nothing is listed. Since no jobs are listed I’m not sure how to kill the pending jobs I see listed in the Home tab. I think if I can kill these two jobs and remove the Standard machine I’ll be able to assign the Unattended license to the Template machine, and should be back up and running?

Hi @cbnetworks,

Regarding non compliant thing, there is nothing to worry. This message is due to the latest Community version being higher than your current version.
However, This message does not block any functionality though, so should be fine.

And you getting this because those standard machines are kind of stuck in older version.

However, wrt not being able to delete old machine/robot/pending jobs, is it possible to re run the installation again? Looks like installation dint work properly.


Thank you for the advice Sonali!

Unfortunately, the re-install didn’t seem to resolve the pending jobs.

Hi @cbnetworks,

Are you on enterprise license or community license?

I would suggest to raise a support ticket to uipath so they can assist you and have a look at the all the env configurations.


@sonaliaggarwal47 Thanks! I’ll give that a shot. Currently I am on the Community license.

Well looks like since I’m on the community license they won’t accept my request. Bummer…

Looping in @loginerror for his inputs on this.


@sonaliaggarwal47 @loginerror I wanted to let you know I was able to run the unattended processes after I moved them to a new folder, and assigned the robot in the new folder. The original folder is still stuck, but I guess I’ll just move what I need out of that location?

The original location was the Default folder. I moved them to the Unattended Processes folder and this is where it is working now.

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Hi @cbnetworks,

Glad to know that it has finally worked for you.

Yes, it would be good to move it to the next folder.

And may be you can try deleting everything from that folder and then try to delete that folder itself and see if it deleted all pending references from the home page?

Even after doing all this, you still is not able to do anything with default folder or even remove that, in that case will seek inputs from @loginerror, he may have some suggestions to deal with that.


Hi @cbnetworks

Do you maybe still recall the steps that you’ve taken after the update?

Is it possible that you have Signed In to cloud.uipath.com from either Studio or Robot after the update?
If so, you are probably connected both via the machine key to the standard folder and via the sign in feature which works with modern folders.

Yes! Those are the steps I did.

I’ve had good luck with the new folder. Do you think I need to do anything with the old one? It’s just sitting there right now but I don’t do anything with it anymore.


Thanks for confirming. I simply wanted to make sure all is good.

Not really. What basically happened was that you were unwillingly forced to migrate to the modern folder concept. Ultimately, that is a good thing (with time, the classic folders will be phased out, and for example you can no longer have them on new cloud.uipath.com accounts).

But just in case you’d like to and you still have a pending job that won’t stop, it might help to sign out from assistant, but stay connected (there should be two buttons, one to disconnect and one to sign out). But that is only if you are bothered by it, it shouldn’t stop you from doing anything.