Orchestrator Installation troubleshooting

I’ve installed Orchestrator and now I’m trying to browse the site.
I’m entering the url and after couple of minutes I get “Generic Error”.
Would love to get some help.

Thank you


Hi @Liorhen9,

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Can you help us with the Error you are getting ?


Restart the IIS site might help.
Check the eventviewer logs on your Orchestrator server.
check the IIS site logs


Attaches are a log file and a screenshot.

Thank you


(Attachment u_ex200126.log is missing)

That’s the log:

What does the log tell you?
Did you find anything in your eventviewer?
please provide all the steps you made to install orchestrator

  • errors like this are to general to pinpoint.

Server OS, IIS version, SQL version,etc…
Did you create aan SSL certificate voor your Site?
is .NET 4.7.2 installed on your server? is your server up-to-date?
Is the port binding correct on the IIS site
is the application pool user set correctly?
can your restart the IIS site or doesn;t it want to start?

please check your eventviewer for logging. Please try to provide as much info as possible.

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@Liorhen9 did you find anything in your logfiles?

Hi @Liorhen9 welcome to UIPATH community
Please follow below link will solve your issue