Orchestrator2018.2 throws 500-Internal Server error after install in IIS 10

Just installed Orchestrator 2018.2 on my Windows Server running IIS. Got through the install and SQLServer setup with no issues. However, when I go to the default home page for the application, it throws a 500 error. The IIS server logs aren’t telling me too much either. I have URL rewrite installed. Not sure what to look for next.

Have you verified your SQL connection is correct? Seems like that causes many issues if that is wrong.

I believe so. I have SQL Server client installed on the machine running IIS and i am able to connect using the same credentials I supplied in the UIPath Orchestrator setup. Is there another way of testing this, that you know of?

Ya connecting to your SQL Server client should be enough to verify if it works.

Are you using the correct path to the site that is installed? like “https://” instead of “http://” or vice versa. You can see what it is in IIS also.

Just throwing out a few ideas. You might need more extensive support by using this link: Contact Technical Support