Uipath Orchestrator Installation at 2012 windows server- 500 internal server error


I had successfully installed Orchestrator on in-house windows 2012 server but while accessing the Orchestrator URL getting as 500-Internal server error. PFA screens FYR.


@satya1981 please check the link https://orchestrator.uipath.com/v2017.1/docs/server-roles-and-features and make sure all the requirements are completed.

Hi Samesh Hasan , Thanks for response. i done suggested changes and installed IIS but still not able to access https://win-rb0v77k2um3/

@satya1981 please check the event viewer for further information about the error

@satya1981 please check this link its similar to your issue, hope it will resolve it.

Thanks Sameh Hasan, I done the changes . PFA screen for exact issue i am facing.

@satya1981 you should unlock handlers section from ApplicationHost.Config.

please follow the below steps to unlock the handlers at the parent level:

  1. In the connections tree(in IIS), go to your server node and then to your website.

  2. For the website, in the right window you will see configuration editor under Management.

  3. Double click on the configuration editor.

  4. In the window that opens, on top you will find a drop down for sections. Choose “system.webServer/handlers” from the drop down.

  5. On the right side, there is another drop down. Choose "ApplicationHost.Config "

  6. On the right most pane, you will find “Unlock Section” under “Section” heading. Click on that.

Please advise if this resolved your issue.

@satya1981 Please check the below link for solving the 500.19 issue.

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Hi Pranayasahu thanks for response. I had installed latest version URL rewrite module. Please clarify we have to install URL Rewrite 2.0 only ??

Thanks ,

@satya1981 .Welcome. It should not be an issue with the URL rewrite the latest version.
I feel any of the server roles & features are missing. Kindly verify & double check. (Link already shared)

If every configuration is in place & still facing issue than give it an attempt with URL rewrite module 2.0.

Dear Pranaya

We have verified all the parameters and done the suggestion but unfortunate not able to resolve the issue. PFA screen for your reference

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@satya1981 Hi satya I had same issue, the root cause was I didn’t add asp.net role while adding IIS role in my server.
Please go to this link https://www.printmanager.com/cms.php?aid=97&fullpage=1&support=2
this is the resolution of WebAdvantage - HTTP Error 500.19 and it’s also applicable to UiPath.