Orchestrator Install Issue in Windows Server 2008


We have met question during install orchestrator in 2008.
Following as install docs as below add role.

but in 2008, missing this role Centralized SSL Certificate Support as below in my env.

as we know, in 2008 IIS version is only 7.5
but in Microsoft web site mentioned, this role only supported from IIS8
referred link IIS 8.0 Centralized SSL Certificate Support: SSL Scalability and Manageability | Microsoft Docs

And one more thing is to install .Net Framework 4.5.2

Actually we have installed 4.5.2, but why in Feature list do not show it, only display version 3?

Appreciate to any suggestions.

Hi @ochen027,
Can you please check this.


Thanks @balupad14
Currently the Orchestrator in 2008 is working, but my concern is that we can not follow the install guide on configure Centralized SSL Certificate Support in IIS7.5, as from MS docs this role only supported from IIS8.
So later in PROD Orchestrator whether will have questions in Robot working? just want to confirm this issue.