Install orchestrator

Hi, I’m trying to install orchestrator on my windows 10 and it always asks for ISS 7.5 or higher, but I installed ISS 10.0 and still it keeps asking me to install ISS 7.5 or higher

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@FREDY_ORTEGON - Would you be able to uninstall IIS 10.0 and install IIS 7.5 and then check if it works?

Also, what version of UiPath are you using?

Also, please check if you have all the pre-requisites installed as per the below.

Hi, my operating system is windows 10 pro. however, I downloaded and installed windows server 2008 R2 SP1, I also discouraged version 10 of the ISS and reinstalled ISS 7.5. and even so he keeps asking me for ISS 7.5 for the installation of the orchestrator. The installer file you download from the page is called UiPathPlatformInstaller v18.4.2 … In that case I do not understand what I should do, should I change my operating system?

@FREDY_ORTEGON - UiPathPlatformInstaller is the correct file for installing Orchestrator. Also, you do not need to change your OS, it just needs to be compatible with the OS recommended by UiPath for installing Orchestrator.

I would suggest to reach out to UiPath Support team if you are still facing the issue even after installing all the pre-requisites.

How are you installing IIS? I hope you are doing it through Windows Festures.

Rammohan B.

Thank you very much, I did the installation following these steps and it worked. Now he asks me to have ISS URL MODULE INSTALLED

Yes. You need to install URL Rewrite as well. A quick google should give you the dowload page for the same.

Rammohan B.

On that side, everything is fine. Following the steps of the installation now I get this.

help me please.

It all depends on how you may use it. Where actually are you trying to install your orchestrator? Are you looking to set it up for internal network only? As far as i know, basically in any case you may need an SSL Certificate for sure to connect your robots to orchestrator.

You can actually create a self signed one from IIS. Follow this:

However i don’t think you would be able to access it from an outside network in this case.

Rammohan B.

Hello Rammohan, I really desisti the installation of the orchestrator, I would like to know how much you charge me to teach me step by step and leave the orchestrator working ?, I have tried to follow all the steps but there are concepts that I do not understand. Thank you