About orchestrator installation

can i install orchestrator in windows8.1 pro.In the prerequestites part of installation it does not include windows8.1.if uipath orchestrator supports 8.1 version can i follow the same installation steps as provided by installation guide?

Which version of Orchestrator do you want to install ? v2018.2 supports following OS

Windows Server Operating System - version 2008 R2 SP1, 2012 R2, or 2016

thank you for reply…can’t we install orchestrator v2018.2 in windows8.1pro?

Orchestrator is a web application, from Windows 8.1 you can directly access the website https://platform.uipath.com and manage your bots.

@REKHASRPF: Like Rupesh has mentioned above, Orchestrator is a Web Application, which should be hosted on IIS like any other .NET application.

If I understand your scenario correctly you are trying to install Orchestrator on a desktop machine/ laptop instead of a Windows server. IMHO if you are looking at this as a Production Orchestrator using a server would be more viable option.

Please have a look at the Hardware Requirements and Prerequisites before starting the installation.

thanks for your reply…
Am trying to install Orchestrator in my laptop. And also i followed the same steps which are in prerequisites guide but i faced lot of difficulties in installation like while creating SSL certificate, my laptop don’t have domain name and in elastic search also i faced difficulties.
that’s why i posted query here,is orchestrator supports 1.8 windows version and if so,how ?