Orchestrator Enterprise Edition - SQL server

We are entering to the world of orchestrator very soon in our organization.
While checking the software requirements I see that we need to have a dedicated server for SQL. During installation is there an option for us to skip selecting the sql server and uipath will select their own database server for installing orchestrator?
If yes Can this be changed back to in premise database server later?

Check this post @rahulraj987

So this means its mandatory to have an on premise sql server. Otherwise installing is not possible. There is nothing like if we pass that step uipath will use their own database server by default? Is my understanding correct? The answer of the shared post is not very clear

Not sure about this, But it will be better to give your own sql server to have the logs and everything stored as per my knowledge and one more point here is, you are installing it in your local, so UiPath won’t provide their server by default.

But wont that stop you from using orchestrator mobile. We might have to whitelist that mobile ip in the organisation’s firewall etc?

This is entirely different thing right?
After installation, you can use the orchestrator URL in mobile also if it is a public access server, If it is a private one, you need to add the mobile IP. But if the Orchestrator is deployed to work only within the company network, or in the local IIS server of the network, you need to add public certificate to access it outside

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@HareeshMR Thanks for clarifying this. I did not think about the application deployment part . I will get back once I have a discussion with my IT Support team. Thanks

@HareeshMR since availability of orchestrator mobile app is a different issue I will raise it as another topic

Sure @rahulraj987