Which database is used by UI Path

Which database is used by UI Path to store the results/files?

UiPath Studio is a stand alone product, logs are stored localy, UiPath Orchestrator uses MS SQL and ElasticSearch

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Thanks for reply.
So do we have to install MS SQL server separately or it will come directly with .Net Framework

Yes as mentioned by @srdjan.suc it will be either with ElasticSearch and/or to a local SQL database
Kindly check with your admin team with dot net framework installation and sql server engine

Cheers @vaibhav2.chavan

Usually, If you want to install Orchestrator in the local, you need to have SQL server installed in your machine or in your local network so that it will create a new database within the server with the name UiPath and uses it to store the data or logs whatever. For UiPath studio, you don’t need to have any databases. You can just start working on the studio if you have .Net framework.

SQL server is also a microsoft product which is also a licensed one. So, usually the companies will buy the SQL server license along with microsoft frameworks. So, you can simply install them in the machine if you have the license.

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