Orchestrator alone either on Uipath cloud or 3rd Party cloud

Can I have the complete architecture, the possibility and challenges for the below scenario -

  1. Orchestrator to be on UiPath cloud or 3rd Party cloud
  2. The Applications and data on client server as security constraint
  3. Bot development and Execution to be from the service provider laptop/desktop
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All the above is possible and complaint.

When running automations in Orchestrator, you’ll end up with data in the cloud (queues, logs, etc). This didn’t pass muster with our compliance team, so we went with an on-premise Orchestrator solution.

Hi @Glory_Mahen,

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1,2-Attention should be paid to the protection of personal data.
2-Any application restriction in the areas that the robot will reach will affect the operation of the robot.
3-If there are services that need to be run as administrator while developing, this may cause problems. Also, attention should be paid to file management. For example, the activity of cleaning the downloaded folder may cause the user to lose their previous data.