Orchestrator create standard robot

not creating standard robot same type of error occurring while connecting robot to orchestrator


I didn’t get you. Could you please tell more details for better understanding.

this type of error occurring creating standard robot

Hi @phalguna_M,

Please check the license details in your UiPath Cloud account.

Hi, @phalguna_M!!

Nice too me you!, in this case… Do you need Frist open the Uipath Robot Tray agent in your desktop,


Now, open this,


Click on orcheastrator settings


Now, put here again the configuration data, its important that you reset your computer after this changes,


Tell me if do you need more help!


uipath robot agent tray not showing in my pc


use the windows search on the taskbar:


write uipath



you can see studio application and the uipath robot (use this, doble click on icon)

Do you can see this? :octopus:

this type of error is showing connecting robot to orchestrator


Please check below thread and provide the URL as mentioned to resolve this issue.

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